World Green Building Week - Türkiye 2022

14.09.2021 10:00-13:00 Making City Project Event          Event Venue: Tekfen Tower, Levent, Istanbul               Event Language: Turkish


Launched in December 2018 and coordinated by the CARTIF Technology Center, MAKING-CITY will discuss and demonstrate advanced procedures and methodologies based on the Positive Energy Zone (PED) for 60 months. A PED is defined in the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan) as “a region working towards annual local surplus generation of renewable energy with annual net zero energy imports and net zero carbon emissions”.

It is derived from the definition of Positive Energy Bloc (PEB) created by the European Smart Cities and Communities Innovation Partnership (EIP-SCC). A PED is a delimited urban area consisting of buildings and public spaces of different typologies, where the total annual energy balance must be positive. Therefore, the district will have an extra generation of energy that can be shared with other urban districts. The total energy balance is found by subtracting the energy transmitted into the district from the energy received from outside the district.


14.09.2021 13:00-13:30 New Vision in Construction: Green Buildings         Event Venue: Tekfen Tower, Levent, Istanbul               Event Language: Turkish


Tunceli takes place as a project partner of ÇEDBİK in the "New Vision of Constructions: Green Buildings" project coordinated by the provincial directorate of national education!

In the “New Vision of Constructions: Green Buildings” project coordinated by the Tunceli Provincial Directorate of National Education, new vocational education curriculum and modules that support the green building industry will be produced, course modules and open source ios and android based applications will be developed to be taught in Vocational and Technical Education institutions.

Project Partners:

Namık Kemal Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi

Çevre Dostu Yeşil Binalar Derneği

Universitat Politecnica De Catalunya

Casa Corpului Didactic Teleorman

UK-Certified Knowledge Association

EE İstanbul Proje Tasarım Yönetim ve Danışmanlık



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