World Green Building Week- Turkey'21

20.09.2021- BUILD UPON2 Virtual Summit                                                                                                                                              Summit Language: English


The Summit, the flagship event on the first day of World Green Building Week 2021, will bring together hundreds of leaders from industry, public sector and civil society at an online conference. The central theme is how leaders can work together to deliver the EU Renewal Wave and the EU Green Deal.

Throughout the event, we will profile the work of the BUILD UPON2 project to empower Cities as key providers of the Renewal Wave through a unique impact framework to measure the holistic benefits of building renovation.

Finally, the Summit will provide a forum for exchange of ideas and inspiration on how both public and private sector actors can step up their efforts to address the enormous challenge before them to bring the Wave of Innovation to life.

We invite a panel of high-level speakers for two moderated plenary sessions that will focus on building renovation and the role of cities respectively. Between these sessions, there will be thematic flows centered around key issues linked to the challenge of replenishing Europe's building stock, such as durability and the vital importance of quality data.

The Summit will have a virtual conference format that uses interactive tools to encourage community building and networking among attendees. It follows the very successful first BUILD UPON2 summit, which took place in Brussels in December 2019 and brought together more than 170 stakeholders along the value chain.




21.09.2021 14:00-16:00 Making City Project Webinar                                                                                                                             Summit Language: Turkish


Launched in December 2018 and coordinated by the CARTIF Technology Center, MAKING-CITY will discuss and demonstrate advanced procedures and methodologies based on the Positive Energy Zone (PED) for 60 months. A PED is defined in the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan) as “a region working towards annual local surplus generation of renewable energy with annual net zero energy imports and net zero carbon emissions”.

It is derived from the definition of Positive Energy Bloc (PEB) created by the European Smart Cities and Communities Innovation Partnership (EIP-SCC). A PED is a delimited urban area consisting of buildings and public spaces of different typologies, where the total annual energy balance must be positive. Therefore, the district will have an extra generation of energy that can be shared with other urban districts. The total energy balance is found by subtracting the energy transmitted into the district from the energy received from outside the district.




22.09.2021 11:00-12:30  PropTech Concept in Turkey                                                                                                                          Summit Language: Turkish

We will talk about technology and business models that have started in the world for the last 15 years and redefine real estate in every aspect.



23.09.2021 11:00-12:30  Green Building Certification Systems in Durable Buildings Panel                                                                            Summit Language: Turkish

This year's theme of World Green Building Week, organized by the World Green Building Council, was determined as Durable Buildings.

As the Turkish Green Building Council (ÇEDBİK), we, within the scope of this panel, will discuss how to accelerate the formation of a built environment that takes into account the circular economy, which includes healthy, durable, equitable buildings, cities and societies, and supports the renewal of resources and natural systems, through national and international green building certification systems. .


24.09.2021 11:00- 12:30  “Cradle Düsseldorf” Project, HPP Architects                                                                                            Summit Language: English


Rethinking Architecture

New solutions for the buildings of tomorrow

In the face of resource shortages and climate change, buildings can no longer be the result of reflexes and ready-made recipes, but must be the result of permanent questioning. In this way, we discover possibilities that generate added value for people and the environment and give rise to new innovative solutions. In Düsseldorf’s Media Harbour district, HPP Architects are designing for the INTERBODEN Group the city’s first office building in timber hybrid construction – a circular pilot project in many respects. With its futuristic sustainability concept and striking architecture, the Cradle-to-Cradle® (C2C) inspired building stands for innovation, openness and a new perception of architecture. The Cradle has the goal of becoming a fount of innovation and a trendsetter for future construction projects. One fundamental difference to standard sustainability concepts or certifications is the positivity inherent in the Cradle-to-Cradle® principle: It is about developing positive effects instead of the previous reduction of negative influences.



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