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An innovation of IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, EDGE makes it faster, easier and more affordable than ever before to build and brand green. EDGE reveals the systems and solutions that work best for your climate, bringing international cachet to your certified project without losing the local context. Meet the growing expectations of your customers by creating value and positively impacting their lives, resulting in greater profitability and a healthier environment for all.

EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies), which is an innovation of IFC, reveals the link between environmental responsibility and smart business practices while proving the financial importance of constructing green buildings and turning them into a brand in emerging markets. Fast, easy to use and affordable EDGE allows project developers to choose technical solutions that reduce the environmental impact of their projects and reduce costs while realizing envisaged savings. While the factors that support EDGE are financial, the results are environmental - EDGE helps to reduce the impacts of climate change by promoting resource-efficient development.

In 130 countries, EDGE is supported by a free application that can be used by anyone to design new buildings including residences, hotels, hospitals, shops and offices. Projects must meet 20 percent efficiency in the fields of energy, water and materials in order to reach the EDGE standard and be qualified for the certification. With only a handful of measures, it is possible to achieve a better-performing building with lower operating costs, longer equipment life and less impact on natural resources.

EDGE creates a collaborative infrastructure that facilitates the proliferation of resource-efficient buildings by being compatible with the interests of market players like financial institutions, contractors, government agencies and homeowners. EDGE triggers green buildings to become mainstream to combat the climate change by helping the market while advancing on the regulatory side and turning them to willingness direction.

The goal of EDGE is to transform 20% of the new construction, which started in the priority markets, from traditional buildings to green buildings in the next seven years. This effort is supported by green building councils and other certification institutions in Costa Rica, India, Indonesia, South Africa and Vietnam. The implementation of EDGE is also reinforced by major international brands that give portfolio commitments in design, construction, retail and hotel industries.

EDGE's main funding sources are Austria, Canada, Denmark, ESMAP, the European Union, Finland, GEF, Japan and Switzerland.

As a member of the World Bank Group, IFC is the largest global development organization focusing on the private sector in emerging markets. Working with more than 2,000 enterprises worldwide, IFC uses its capital, expertise and influence to create opportunities where it is most needed. Standing between the public and private sectors, IFC offers market-based solutions to meet the challenge of economic growth with low-carbon.

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