Build Upon Project which is being conducted by the partnership of Green Building Associations from 14 countries (Spain, UK, Czech Republic, Italy, Ireland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Latvia, Sweden, Romania, Slovenia and Turkey) have been launched with the attendance of council officials from each country and was presented in the meeting held in London on March 2015 within the scope of the European Union (EU) Horizon 2020 Framework Program. As part of the Build Upon project, whose first phase has ended in March 2017, it was aimed to evaluate and improve existing buildings in order to make them energy efficient in line with the EU Horizon 2020 targets.

The project, which was set out with the motto of 'Imagine an environment with structures that allow quality living for all', is taking the EU Energy Efficiency Directive Article 4 as the basis. In this article, briefly, it is being emphasized that the member countries must find strategies for long-term financial resources to improve existing public and private buildings and take the necessary steps in that direction.

During the project that will be carried out at regional and national levels, Environmentally Friendly Green Building Association (ÇEDBİK) will be a guide about the subjects such as providing solutions for 'deep improvement' of the buildings, finding financial sources and creating a local co-operation network in order to ensure energy savings of the existing buildings in Turkey at rates up to 75% with the optimal cost. In this context, joint activities will be organized with especially public institutions and organizations, finance and business world, universities, media, NGOs and associations in order to spread the perception of energy efficiency and take the necessary steps to improve buildings.

As a part of the activities that will be handled under the leadership of ÇEDBİK until March 2017; how to make existing buildings energy efficient, legal and economic barriers on this issue and the initiatives to overcome them will be discussed and a knowledge base will be tried to be created. In addition to this, previous improvement experiences of the other 13 countries will be shared and the information learned will be adapted to Turkey's conditions. Also, an information and communication network will be established through a software called Renowiki , and an online platform will be created where all experts, financial institutions, business world, public institutions, media, academies and NGOs will be able to access and share information at a national and regional level. Thus, at the end of these two years, it is aimed to create a network of collaborations in an environment where national strategies including financial resources are discussed and to create a stakeholder community ready to shoulder responsibility for the improvement of the buildings on a regional scale. As might be expected, in the later stages of the project, it is planned to take the necessary steps to improve the buildings by utilizing this knowledge and these networks.

As ÇEDBİK, we held our first event in this context hosted by YEM in August. We shared a report on the results of this meeting which was organized as a roundtable discussion with two participants from each of the above stakeholder categories, and where we discussed the improvement of Turkey's existing building stock. At the meeting, we also reviewed the stakeholder maps which we prepared and updated them by receiving comments of the participants about the maps.

We would like to greet you all with the hope that we will be able to cooperate on such an important issue concerning the future of our country and the world and to get useful results.

BUILD UPON Continues with a Comprehensive and Intensive Work Program!

BUILD UPON which was set out with the motto of 'IMAGINE AN ENVIRONMENT WITH STRUCTURES THAT ALLOW QUALITY LIVING FOR ALL’ is an EU Horizon 2020 project that supports countries for the creation of "National Renovation Strategies" and setting new targets in accordance with the European Union's Energy Efficiency Directive. Within the scope of BUILD UPON project aiming ”coordination and support", ÇEDBİK and its project partner 12 Green Building Councils (Spain, Czech Republic, Italy, Ireland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Latvia, Sweden, Romania, Slovenia) have started to establish a network of collaborators as of March 2015 by bringing together all relevant sector actors. Today, at this point, around one hundred and seventy institutions and organizations, from the private sector to the public and from non-governmental organizations to academies have taken their places in our stakeholder map.

We have outlined the existing and possible obstacles for building our National Renovation Strategy at the 1st BUILD UPON round table meeting in which we reviewed the issues of Turkey's extensive building improvements (renovation) and the energy efficiency under the main headings of legal legislation and policies, information and capacity development, financial structure and the awareness. We communicated the report we prepared to BUILD UPON Project Coordinator Spain Green Buildings Council to be presented to the EU, our members and the project stakeholders after the meeting which was held in the event hall of Yapi Endüstri Merkezi (Building Industry Center - YEM), which is one of our members and project stakeholders.

Following this successful first meeting, we are preparing a Workshop Series for 2016. We believe that; this series of events consisting of a total of 6 workshops each have different topics will be a touchstone in terms of the Renovation Strategy of both BUILD UPON Project and Turkey.

For BUILD UPON, which has a comprehensive and intensive work schedule, the events are consisting of only one pillar of the project. In addition, we, as the Project Team of ÇEDBİK, carry out other activities simultaneously such as collecting and publishing the data (building stock, etc.), monitoring and publishing the initiatives on building improvements, etc. We publish these studies on website which is the information publishing platform of BUILD UPON Project.

The website of, which was prepared as an international platform, will be broadcasting in both English and national languages of the partner countries. One of the most important objectives of this website is sharing the best up to date practices and latest success stories of Turkey and European countries with each other. Please contact us to carry your initiative to an international platform with

This report was prepared to give information and to inform the public about the ideas and results shared in the roundtable meeting held by ÇEDBİK within the scope of Build Upon Project at Yapi Endustri Merkezi on 17 August 2015.

Please click here for the report.

BUILD UPON has been Completed

Europe's most well-attended building improvement project BUILD UPON organized workshops under the leadership of ÇEDBİK in Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara within the framework of the national and international studies carried out by the Green Building Councils of 13 countries in Europe to produce solutions related to existing buildings leading climate change.


We would like to express our gratitude to all our members and stakeholders who supported us and shared their ideas during the project, people and organizations sponsored our meetings, domestic and international teams that created and supported the project and the green building councils working in cooperation with us.


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