2022 Members Meeting was Held Online

As the Environmentally Friendly Green Buildings Association (ÇEDBİK), we repeated the annual member meetings online this year in order to increase the interaction of our members with each other and to strengthen their ties with ÇEDBİK. In the meeting held on Wednesday, March 16, between 10:00 - 13:15, besides the presentations of valuable speakers, our ÇEDBİK networking session was held for our members. After the 2022 vision of ÇEDBİK was conveyed to the valuable participants, another session was held in which we evaluated ÇEDBİK together. In this session, we asked our members to answer the questions we asked anonymously on the Mentimeter. As a result of this survey, ÇEDBİK will organize road maps according to the expectations of its members. We would like to thank the distinguished speakers for their presentations and our valuable members for their participation.



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