Altin Cekul Awards 2022

As ÇEDBİK, we are pleased to share with you the press release of the Golden Plumb Awards 2022, with which we are the media partner.

"The 'ALTIN ÇEKÜL International Building Catalog Awards', which was held between 1991 and 2017 within the Building-Industry Center and is known as the prestige awards of the building industry, is the first product award program in the field of building materials in Turkey. YAPI KATALOĞU, which is the most reliable source of the building industry by aiming to meet them and get detailed information about the products, has assumed the mission of carrying the building industry to the international dimension by organizing the ALTIN ÇEKÜL awards as of 2020. It continues to keep the pulse of the building industry by being organized for the 28th time under the hosting of the BUILDING CATALOG in 2022.

As the ALTIN ÇEKÜL International Building Catalog Award program is approaching its 30th year, it is an award program that can be applied by companies, organizations, academic groups, research laboratories and entrepreneurs operating in the field of building materials in the Turkish construction industry, providing new ideas, technology and new ideas in the field of building materials. It aims to increase its contribution to the development of the sector day by day by supporting products and products. The jury panel of the ALTIN ÇEKÜL International Construction Awards, consisting of experts and professionals in their fields, will choose in 3 main categories: "Innovative Product Award in Construction", "Idea Award" and "Communication and Marketing Award".

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