LEED -Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design- is a certification system developed by the USGBC -U.S. Green Building Council-.

Various LEED certification systems have been developed for different projects. These are as follows;

LEED BD+C - Building Design and Construction
LEED ID+C - Interior Design and Construction
LEED O+M - Building Operations and Maintenance
LEED ND - Neighborhood Development
LEED Homes

The scoring of this system consists of 9 categories in LEED BD+C

  • Integrative Process 
  • Location and Transportation 
  • Sustainable Site 
  • Water Efficiency                                                                                                          
  • Energy and Atmosphere     
  • Materials and Resources                      
  • Indoor Environmental Quality                                             
  • Innovation                                                                  
  • Regional Priority

Total point 110

Buildings are evaluated at 4 different certificate levels
Certified 40 - 49 points
Silver 50-59 points
Gold 60-69 points
Platinum 80+ points  

The LEED certificate is issued by the USGBC.

Detailed information on LEED www.usgbc.orgleedonline.com 

Green Building Examples

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