B.E.S.T-Commercial Buildings Certificate

Buildings have a direct impact on the environment, economy, and health of the occupants in the area they are built. With the concept of green building, one of the newest developments of recent years, a revolutionary change in building science, technology, and operation is being experienced. With the concept of green building, building designers and building users had the opportunity to maximize the economy and environmental performance factor in building construction and building use. As a part of the sense of sustainable development, the green building movement offers an unprecedented opportunity to address the most important issues of our time such as global climate change, dependence on foreign energy sources, and human health.

In order to regulate the building and construction sector of the world in terms of sustainability, the need and interest in building evaluation systems have been increasing in recent years. In this context, over time, green building rating systems called Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment (BREEAM), and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen eV (DGNB), respectively, have been developed in the United States (USA), United Kingdom (UK) and Germany. These are dynamic systems and update themselves depending on the developed strategies and technologies and they offer their new versions.

The structures of existing certificate systems today are generally similar to each other. Many countries create their own green building certification systems by utilizing these existing systems. Studies in this field in our country have been led by the Turkish Green Building Council (ÇEDBİK) since 2012. In this context, ÇEDBİK has created the Ecological and Sustainable Design in Buildings (B.E.S.T) certification system for Turkey and it has developed the National “B.E.S.T Green Building Certification System” for Commercial Buildings and prepared its guide after the Residential Certification which was published in 2015.

The main categories considered in the B.E.S.T - Commercial Buildings Certificate System, which developed for newly constructed or to be constructed commercial buildings and existing commercial buildings undergoing/will be undergoing large-scale renovations are listed below:

1. Integrated Green Project Management
2. Land Use
3. Water Use
4. Energy Use
5. Health and Comfort
6. Material and Resource Use
7. Life in Commercial Buildings
8. Operation and Maintenance
9. Innovation

Explanations on the criteria in the 9 main categories for the certification are given in the reference guide. These criteria are interdisciplinary, and the documentation and reporting are of great importance in order to qualify for the certificate. Therefore, the information, which is necessary to examine the solutions developed for all criteria at every level and for certification of the building must be reported as requested in these criteria.






The projects that will apply for the B.E.S.T - Commercial Buildings Certificate must primarily be designed and built in accordance with local regulations in force at the time of application (such as Earthquake Regulations for Buildings in Turkey, Building Energy Performance Regulation, etc.), zoning regulations and zoning plans of the relevant municipality and they must also have habitation permit. Project owners can apply for the certificate during the design phase and/or within the first 12 months after the completion of the construction. For the projects that are in the design phase, it is possible to get a "Design Conformity Letter". The Design Conformity Letter is given only to the requesting parties.

The evaluation principles of B.E.S.T - Commercial Buildings Certification have been determined in the framework of "B.E.S.T – Certification Regulation". The parties applied for certification and filled in the pre-application form in which project information is entered should make their certificate application to ÇEDBİK with the project files they prepared based on the B.E.S.T – Commercial Buildings Certificate Guide.

The evaluation of B.E.S.T - Commercial Buildings Certificate applications are carried out with a specific scoring system, provided that the prerequisites in the guide are met. The evaluation process is carried out by independent and expert B.E.S.T evaluators within the scope of 9 main categories, and 5 prerequisites and 40 criteria under them including the approaches, practices, and results of the parties applying for the certificate.

The details of the application and evaluation process are given in the Applicant Organizations Guide.


For the B.E.S.T – Commercial Buildings Certificate Guide and Certification Regulation, you can contact us via [email protected].


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