It is a system established to be used in the planning and evaluation of buildings. As a classification system, it includes all relevant sustainable building issues. Projects which meet the requirements are classified into bronze, silver and gold categories. German Sustainable Building Certificate is a system that has been established with the partnership of the German Green Building Council and the United Ministry of Transport, Construction and Urban Affairs in order to construction planning and evaluation which includes a quality-oriented perspective.

German Sustainable Building Certificate, which has a clearly organized and comprehensible structure, covers all relevant sustainable building subjects. The six items that affect the assessment are stated as: Ecology, Economics, Social Cultural and Operational issues, Technical issues, Land Settlement and Processes.

The certificate is based on the implementation of sustainable building objectives determined at the starting point of the project in line with integrated design principles. Thus, sustainable structures can be designed according to the latest technology and their quality can be certified with this new certificate.

Advantages of Certificate

Contribution to sustainability: The certificate demonstrates the positive effects of a structure on the environment and society in a concrete way.

Accuracy in cost and planning: Thanks to the certificate, the reachability of the performance targets in the early planning phase of a project can be demonstrated with great certainty.

Risk reduction: Holistic planning during construction is encouraged through the certification. Thus, more transparent and clear processes can be followed during the planning and construction phases. The best sustainable solution options emerge and finally, the risks are reduced during the operation and renovation.

Planning tool for application: This certificate was developed by applicators for the implementers. It supports property owners and designers for designing and implementing sustainable structures.

Focusing on the Life Cycle: This certificate is built on the life cycle of a building which is an inevitable element in assessing the sustainability of a building.

It was created in Germany: This certificate is designed for the German and European Construction industry.  When the Certification System was created, both building standards and energy-efficient structures in the market were taken into consideration.

Marketing tool: This certificate certifies the commitment of investors, owners and users to sustainability. As a quality symbol, it promotes foreign trade and at the same time increases the interest of investors in the German real estate sector.

Efficiency is the key to success: This German Certificate evaluates the structures as a whole. The system provides many opportunities for owners and designers. This certificate goes much further than the environmental science assessment of a building and evaluates a building in terms of economic, performance, socio-cultural and functional aspects.

Flexibility: The certificate system can be adapted according to technical and social developments and based on different nations.

For Application: It is required to be registered on the DGNB's website to initiate certification procedures. www.dgnb.de

Green Building Examples

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