11 May 2022 Digital Dialog Day - Talayman Acoustic Design and Consulting

ÇEDBİK activities continue from where they left off…

On Wednesday, May 11, 2022, a webinar on "Acoustic Comfort and Sustainability in Buildings" will be held with our guest Türker Talayman under the leadership of Environmentally Friendly Green Buildings Association (ÇEDBİK) and Talayman Acoustic.

About Turker Talayman:

Türker Talayman graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Department of Electrical Engineering in 1998. Due to his interest in acoustics, he did his Master's degree in Music Technologies and Acoustics at York University, England. After returning to Turkey, he started to work as an Acoustic Consultant. He established his own company in 2004 and undertook many important projects. He continues to provide acoustic services to the building sector in the Talayman Acoustic company he founded in 2009.

The Language of the Meeting will be Turkish.


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