Green Buildings and Green Building Certification Systems in Turkey

Walk2COP27, which ÇEDBİK, is in the Turkish working group, started under the leadership of Sam Baker and continues to grow, sets out to accelerate climate action before COP27.

Its aim is to bring people from different countries together to inform, educate, establish solidarity and connections, and ensure mass participation and responsibility!

Walk2COP27 is based on a virtual journey from Glasgow (Cop26 host city) to Sharm El Sheikh (COP27 host city). It covers 12 countries between Scotland and Egypt that host public building meetings of specific municipalities, hybrid or virtual, showing how climate change is impacting the current location and deployed solutions. We invite you to participate in this event.

ÇEDBİK will provide up-to-date information about the place of Green Buildings in Turkey, the importance, and the benefits of green buildings for the country. Also, it will introduce national and international green building certification systems to participants.


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