ÇEDBİK Webinar: Arc & LEED Zero

You can measure and improve the sustainability performance of your building. How Does?
Arc, a new digital platform, helps you to collect, manage and compare data to improve the performance of your building.

LEED has also played an important role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by providing a framework for high performance buildings and lands for more than twenty years. Based on all studies, USGBC has developed LEED Zero, which is a complement to LEED and can verify that net zero targets have been achieved.

The event will be moderated by ÇEDBİK President Ebru Ünver Karaer. GBCI- Green Business Certification Inc. Our valuable speakers from the GBCI team, Kay Killmann and Ingemar Hunold, will give information about Arc and LEED Zero. You can register for free on the webinar on Thursday, July 2, 2020, between 13.00-14.30.

Note: The event will be in English.


Kay Killmann

Kay Killmann is Managing Director of GBCI Europe.

GBCI recognizes excellence in the green business industry performance through its exclusive administration of sustainability benchmark systems, such as LEED 

He is also the founder and President of the German Green Building Association (GGBA), a non-profit advocating the LEED and other GBCI benchmarks in Germany.

Having worked for over 15 years as an architect and consultant in the US, UK and Germany, Kay leverages his depth of professional experiences in building certification, construction and design to engage GBCI Europe's diverse stakeholders. 

His activities in sustainability education range from developing and teaching professional programs at the University of Salzburg to implementing Green Apple Day for Bavarian grammar schools.

Kay earned an engineering degree in architecture from the University of Applied Science at Aachen, Germany. Curiosity, and a bit of wanderlust, led him to California where he gained invaluable architecture experience. In 2006, Kay eagerly embarked on the LEED path, grateful to have found a career match for his sustainability passion.

He grew up in East Germany, a utopia for sustainability where a shortage of basic goods meant 'reuse and reduce' was the everyday way of life. Kay is working hard to bring those principles back to society – without the oppressive political regime. His sustainability efforts extend far beyond the
office. He is an avid bike commuter, up-cycler, urban gardener and diligent father constantly reminding his kids to „turn off the lights“.

Ingemar Hunold

As partner of the Berlin based consultancy ES EnviroSustain GmbH Ingemar is involved in the
development processes of LEED for the European Market and advises real estate clients on sustainability management and GRESB.

Ingemar is a design and real estate professional with a holistic approach to enhance energy efficiency and sustainability of the built environment. Prior to joining EnviroSustain Ingemar internally
structured the sustainability approach of a major European real estate investor. He holds degrees in
architecture and ClimateDesign from the Technical University of Munich and had an international
scholarship at Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago.

Ingemar is founding partner of Elodie, a sustainability and creative communications consultancy based in Berlin and London.


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