ÇEDBİK Congress - 2016 Sustainable Efficiency Panel

In the opening presentation of the efficiency session, Emilio Miter from the Spanish Green Building Council introduced the Build Upon project. Miter explained that the project is a coordination and support project, that it is handled within the scope of Horizon 2020 and that it aims to develop the national renovation strategies of the member countries. Miter, after evaluating the current situation in Europe's energy efficiency legislation; conveyed project work packages, stakeholder maps, Renowiki database and project flow with 2016 meetings. Miter finally concluded his speech by summarizing the expected results (updating V2 national action plans, dissemination of 'comprehensive improvement', etc.) at the end of the project.

After Emilio Miter, Build Upon Turkey coordinator Ahmet Acar took the floor. Acar summarized the current situation in Turkey within the scope of the project and emphasized the importance of energy efficiency. In the current situation where newly built buildings, urban transformation and existing building renovations are being discussed, Acar stated that in the meetings to be held in 2016, messages will be given to the public, problems will be revealed and it is aimed to create a community ready to take action on the issue of renovation. Ahmet Acar concluded his speech by underlining the issue of supporting the project.

Tolga Özdemir (moderator), Cihan Karamık, Konca Çalkıvik, Volkan Arslan and Murat Sarıoğlu took part in the panel part of the session. Konca Çalkıvik, who took the first floor, introduced SKD and gave information about the activities of the association. Explaining the energy efficiency projects in buildings, Çalkıvik touched upon the important points in the energy efficiency improvements of existing buildings. Cihan Karamık, who took the floor afterwards, stated that the resources did not change despite the increasing population growth and industrialization and that energy efficiency is now seen as a sixth energy source. He explained that energy efficiency is inevitable and what can be done about it (monitoring, measuring, improving..). Murat Sarıoğlu, on the other hand, gave some statistics on energy consumption in buildings, and then conveyed the financial tools (Tureeff, mortgage, etc.) used for energy efficiency improvements and efficient building construction. He talked about the material and technical advantages of efficient buildings. Finally, Volkan Arslan, who took the floor, gave information about İskid and talked about heating-cooling-air conditioning systems.

In the question and answer part of the panel, Cihan Karamık explained the difference between EVD and ESCO and conveyed the situation of EVDs in Turkey. He emphasized that the implementation of energy efficiency performance should be paved (especially on the public side). The issue of which standards are based on the energy efficiency of green buildings in Turkey was discussed and European standards came to the fore. Then, it became clear that the buildings in cities outside of Istanbul should be analyzed well and, if necessary, improvements should be made as they are safer to a greater extent. Finally, Konca Çalkıvik gave information about some exemplary improvement projects. The session ended by discussing whether there are projects related to the improvement of materials for energy efficiency.


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