ÇEDBİK Congress - 2016 Building Management Panel

The opening presentation of the building management session was made by Luc Delestrade of IES. After introducing the Delestrade IES firm, he highlighted the importance of building management, emphasizing retrofit and simultaneous control. After saying that the cost is mostly in the building management, he stated that obtaining data is the most basic and important issue. Delestrade then talked about what work they do on retrofit and control, and how they contribute to energy savings.

After the opening presentation, Pınar Mengüç (moderator), Alp Fingersizoğlu, Erkan Noyan and Emre Method took part in the panel. Pınar Mengüç presented the projects that Özyeğin made on building management as ECEM, revealing the main points related to building management. Mengüç mentioned the importance of measurement and stated that the control only depends on it and that the building should be designed by integrating the user behavior inside the building with the building management. Fingerlessoğlu, who took the floor afterwards, emphasized the importance of building performance measurement in facility management and conveyed RGM Turkey's investments and efforts in this regard. Emre Method, on the other hand, talked about life cycle analysis under the title of building performance, and then talked about the Bresaer project, which is about energy efficient renovation. Erkan Noyan, who took the floor lastly, talked about building management certificates, the work they have done as Siemens on building management and carbon neutralization projects. Noyan stated that the performance of the buildings can be very different from the designed and they should be managed in a sustainable way.

After the presentations of the panelists, there was a question about how the users should behave after the building was built sustainably and whether they were conscious. In response to the question, it was emphasized that the users are generally satisfied with the comfort, but the costs are important, and that the building should be constantly developed and seen as a living organism with the concept of 'internet of things'. Secondly, in response to the waste management question, it was stated that the waste separation cultures of the users have not yet been formed, but they adapt when directed. It was revealed that throughout the life of the building, all owners should embrace the building management and sustainability should be passed on from generation to generation.


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