ÇEDBİK Congress - 2016 "Certification"

The Speach of Dr. Duygu ERTEN

On Sustainable Certification, Dr. Duygu Erten shared details about the form of similar applications abroad, the acceptance criteria and the proximity of the ÇEDBİK-Housing certification system to similar applications. Dr. The headlines from Duygu Erten's speech were as follows:

“Common sense must emerge”

Such systems abroad; Green Building Councils manage these systems. It is a correct study that ÇEDBİK, which is the only and internationally recognized association of Turkey, which carries out these studies in Turkey, has published it.

In this journey that started in 2007, various systems have been applied to make more than 500 projects as green buildings at the point reached now. It seems as a clear result that the main meaning of the rapid rise in Green Building preference is awareness. Certification systems are not a standard. The aim is to provide a document stating that a building that causes the least damage to nature is sustainable and measurable. In fact, this is paramount.

“Green materials need recognition”

First of all, it is necessary to define green materials. Green materials: Products that have the least impact on the environment during the production - use - reuse process are called. As ÇEDBİK, we will soon classify, list and publish those that comply with the definition of green material for domestic materials, depending on the definition criteria.

In the first part of the panel, Cemil Yaman gave a brief information about the active systems in Turkey. This information was especially on the basis of the foreign costs of the document. Cemil Yaman: “With 150 documented buildings and other application works, the cost paid to LEED is around 202 million dollars. With the targeted certification work, this cost will reach approximately 32-33 million dollars. This is a serious loss. For this reason, the domestic certificate should be created as soon as possible and it should be used actively,” he opened the panel. The topics of the speeches in the panel were as follows:

Architects in key position

It was stated that the works to be done for a building to receive a green certificate should be fully integrated and the architects should pay attention to this issue. Architects are the collectors and organizers of all works; It was mentioned that it would be more appropriate for disciplines such as engineering and landscape to give full and complete support to this study. It was explained that the certificate is an identity that determines that the work done is sustainable and measurable.

Question: Why is there mostly LEED in Turkey?

In the answer to this question, it was said that the most important reason for choosing the LEED certificate was that it introduced the idea that it creates cost savings in terms of sustainability. It was also stated that LEED is comfortable to use for both application and creation of files. The result of this is that ÇEDBİK-KONUT is first introduced well and its application method is easy to understand and easily editable. It is recommended that people be supported with a good online system and that subjects and details are easily accessible.

Green building expensive perception should be broken

In the panel, the economy of certificate systems was explained very clearly and it was emphasized that the perception that the construction costs of green buildings is too high should be broken. It was stated that the reason for the most LEED GOLD certificate in Turkey is that the cost difference is zero, in short, there is no factor that increases the construction cost, and the rental and sales speed of the projects is two times faster than the normal projects.

Question: How is ÇEDBİK-KONUT preferred?

We awarded our first certificate to the ANTTERAS project with a good grade. There are two important pillars of this certificate to be spread or preferred. The first is that the state supports this certificate. Incentives may come to mind, such as making incentives for these support projects or billing electricity, water, natural gas expenses differently. Such supports will seriously direct both construction companies and end users to this issue. Thus, certification and integrated design will be encouraged.

The second is the financial pillar. The fact that banks and credit institutions take the Çedbik Housing document as a basis for green loans will cause a serious demand. In this regard, banks and credit institutions should be informed and support should be sought. It is to be clearly understood that the projects that the credit institutions want are measurable and sustainable. If this is achieved, it will be possible to make serious agreements in this regard.


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