ÇEDBİK 2016 - Congress Program


Dialogue for Holistic Design from Building to Campus

Sustainable Building Management

* Management in all aspects in sustainable buildings

* Metering, licensing, reporting

* The role of smart and connected devices in the management of sustainable buildings

* Problems and solutions

Sustainable Material

* Appropriate material selection for sustainability


* Innovations, Developments

* Çedbik material EPD data-based study

* Problems and solutions

Sustainable Efficiency

* Energy efficiency in buildings for sustainability

* Water efficiency in buildings

* Efficiency in transforming existing buildings into sustainable buildings - BUILD UPON

* Problems and solutions

Integrated Design

* Integrated design for sustainable buildings

* Integrated design for sustainable campuses from building to city

* Smart and connected devices and systems in sustainable buildings

* Problems and solutions

Sustainable Building Certification

* ÇEDBİK- Housing

* Certifications, applications, developments in the world

* Problems and solutions

Sustainable Finance

* Financing of sustainable building projects

* Problems and solutions

Sustainable Campuses

* Sustainable campus projects of municipalities

* Young people's view of sustainable campuses and their suggestions

* Problems and solutions


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