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Established in 2007, the Turkish Green Building Council (ÇEDBİK) aims to contribute to the building industry’s development by means of the spread of principles of sustainability.

ÇEDBİK conducts its activities with the belief that buildings and settlements designed and constructed with an ecological sensibility allow us to live and work in healthier places and lead healthier lives. ÇEDBİK organizes educational programs, develops pilot projects with government and universities and conducts lobbying activities to increase public awareness about the necessity of green building while also encouraging the building industry to develop along with principles of sustainability.

ÇEDBİK – Turkish Green Building Council- is a non-governmental organization, with more than 100 prominent members on a wide base from the construction, real estate, finance, construction materials, facility management and diverse related sectors who wish to develop and influence environmental and sustainability work in the Turkish construction industry.

Systems evaluating the environmental impacts of buildings and their surroundings are effective tools in the green transformation of the construction industry.  ÇEDBİK is currently working to fill this void by adapting an environmental certificate system for buildings specific to the geographical, climatic, political, social and technological context of Turkey.

ÇEDBIK has been granted Full Council status in June 2012, by the World Green Building Council (WGBC) and continues to develop itself through increasing participation both with other Green Building Councils in the World and with the local construction sector. Networking facilitates engagement in international policy programs and access to the most recent knowledge on sustainable construction topics that CEDBIK adapts to and shares with the construction sector in Turkey.

ÇEDBİK is a project partner for the largest European building energy renovation project BUILD UPON, funded by the EU Horizon 2020 Programme, with the collaboration of 14 countries across Europe. The project team of ÇEDBİK, organized 6 national level workshops to discuss the barriers and solutions against the energy efficiency of buildings in Turkey and reported the outcomes to the government to be used for the development of energy efficiency policies. They also created stakeholder maps and Renowiki initiatives database as part of this project.  Further details could be reached through Build Upon Turkey Project Team. [email protected]

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    Please send all requests and questions about membership to [email protected] The fee is determined according to the number of employees of your company. The documents required for membership of the association are filled and the documents are completed

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