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Membership Advantages

Advantages of Membership


Advantages of Membership (Apart from the Socially Active Memberships)

• Turkish Green Building Association members have the opportunity to meet with the other members in meetings that are arranged at least once in a year.
• Turkish Green Building Association members have 50% discount from the trainings that Association offers regularly.
• Turkish Green Building Association members have the possession to vote in the General Assembly.
• Turkish Green Building Association members can make themselves advantageous by using Turkish Green Building Association’s logo in their marketing products as well as their web-sites.
• Turkish Green Building Association members (including the Social Members) have the possession to take a task in one of the committees that Turkish Green Building Association composes. These can be Building Code and Certification, Legal Legislation, Membership and Resource Development, Products and Scientific Study Committees. As a result, they gain the chance to get involved in decision making in Turkish Green Building Association that has reached the position of being the heart of Green Buildings.
• Turkish Green Building Association members declare their social responsibility in these matters by supporting Turkish Green Building Association which will have a significant position in the prevalence of Green Buildings in the direction of solving Global Warming problems.


Turkish Green Building Association Members May be:

• Manufacturers
• Construction Companies and Contractor Companies
• Energy and Community Service Companies
• Real-Estate (Construction Owners, Institution Managers, Construction Contractors)
• Real-Estate Service Providers (Commissioners, Real-Estate Managers)
• Non-Profitable Environmental Organisations
• Local Managers
• Professional Corporations (Accountants, Architects, Lawyers, Consultants, Engineers, Interior Designers, Landscape Architects)
• Contracting and Construction Companies
• Financial Institutions
• Insurance Companies
• Retail Sellers
• University and Research Institutes
• Public Associations


Turkish Green Building Association Access dues and annual revenues:


The access due for actual members is associated with the main activity and status of the companies.  

  Registration Fee  Membership Fee
Project management, contractor, investor, manufacturer, finance companies, supplier etc.  10.000 TL  3.000 TL

Designers, architects, engineers, consultants, service providers etc.

3.000 TL  1.500 TL 
Non-profit institutions and organisations  1.000 TL  500 TL 
Individuals: Government employees, academicians, journalists etc. 1.000 TL  500 TL 


The membership fee is not paid in the year the registration fee is paid. The founder actual members’ revenues are also included in this tariff. 

Non-profitable and profitable corporate entities have to fill in and complete the necessary documentation and send it to the address mentioned below for membership.
Members have to fill in the necessary documentation and send it to the address mentioned below with a copy of their identity card in order to become a member.
The fee is paid into Turkish Green Building Association’s bank account after the Administrative Board of Turkish Green Building Association accepts the membership applications.



Turkish Green Building Association, I hereby agree to adhere to the principles of improving the energy and environmental efficiency of the whole building environment. This includes following and promoting the concepts of: Improving energy efficiency and conservation; Improving indoor environmental quality; Increasing resource and material efficiency; Improving occupancy health and productivity; Improving environmental quality including air, water, land, limited resources and ecosystems; Promoting sustainability as defined as “providing for the needs of the present without detracting from the ability to fulfill the needs of the future.” I also declare that I will abide the ethical code of Turkish Green Building Association approved by Board of Turkish Green Building Association.


Turkish Green Building Association Contact Address: Başlık Sokak Hızır Apt. No 2 Daire 8 Levent, İstanbul – Türkiye.
Turkish Green Building Association Account: Türkiye İş Bankası Ulus Şubesi


The access dues and the annual revenues are requested to be paid into the account number 84238 (Branch No. 1228) under the name Turkey Green Building Organisation in Türkiye İş Bankası Ulus branch.